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According to the characteristics of the materials, some use ball mill for grinding. Ball mills are barrel-type horizontal rotary devices. Water needs to be added in the grinding chamber in advance. The amount of water must be determined in combination with the amount of minerals, the amount of grinding medium, and the size of the cylinder. The water is too large or too small. Will affect the grinding effect. Ball mills have a moderate output, small size, easy operation and movement, and are very popular with users. As ball mill applications become more common, more and more ball mill suppliers are available.

Ball mill introduction

The ball mill adopts rolling bearings, which can greatly reduce the energy consumption of the whole machine, has good adaptability, and can run for a long time in harsh environments. The ball mill has good energy saving effects, saves oil and water, and can be continuously operated. It is mainly used for various materials. Intermittent small batch production range for mixing, grinding and product trial production. There are nearly ten types of ball mills. Each type of ball mill has differences in barrel length, motor power, input and output, processing capacity, price and other aspects. For most users, the ball mill can meet the processing needs.

Ball mill price

The price of the ball mill is more concerned by users. This directly relates to the investment cost of users. They want to buy cheap ones, but the cheap ones are not necessarily easy to use. Therefore, some users are more entangled. Can be neutralized, based on good quality, choose the cheapest. There are many manufacturers of ball mills in Shanghai, and some of them have higher brand awareness and are more concerned in the industry. It is recommended that you choose such old brand manufacturers with mature production experience to understand the details of the price of ball mills. Please call us for consultation. Customer service staff, prices are internal information.

Ball mill supplier recommendation

Shanghai Clirik, a professional manufacturer of ball mill, is a relatively old supplier of ball mills, and is also a large domestic export base of mining machines. The ball mill developed and produced by the company saves more water, electricity and oil, which can save a lot of money for the user as a whole. The lubricating part has high temperature and oxidation resistance. The ball mill can also be processed normally under high temperature. The discharge is smooth and there is no over-grinding. Inside the ball mill, a wear-resistant lining is provided. The outer layer of the lining is protected by a protective lining to avoid excessive wear of the lining and increase the service life of the components. Well, there is no excessive dust pollution, and there will be no pollution of finished products. It is efficient, environmentally friendly, and durable. For more details, please consult Clirik technicians for free!

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