Clirik: Try our cement ball mill

Cement ball mill” works on cement production line, so much dust? why? How to do? Who will help me find a way? “Many customers of cement production lines have such troubles. Today Clirik tells you: There is always a way to solve anything, because we never stop on the road of exploring cement production equipment, let’s try our cement ball mill!

Clirik’s cement ball mill “four improvements”

Change to high pollution-Clirik’s environmentally friendly cement ball mill

We comprehensively adopt the seamless welding technology of the cylinder, the dust suction device of the inlet and outlet, and the design of a dust-free environmental protection workshop, etc., so that the entire cement grinding process and even the entire cement production line can get rid of the high pollution status.

Second, low output-Clirik’s high output cement ball mill

Our cement ball mill can work continuously for 24 hours and continuously for 7 days. Clirik expanded the capacity of the inlet, outlet and barrel, and the output has been greatly improved.

Three reforms with high energy consumption-Clirik’s energy-saving cement ball mill

Clirik’s cement ball mill can use dry-process cement to produce grinding powder, which saves water resources; even if it is produced by wet method, it can save more than 20% of water resources compared to other cement ball mills.

Fourth, the quality is poor-Clirik high-quality cement ball mill

The whole machine is made of high manganese steel and other good materials, with long life, very wear-resistant, high temperature and corrosion resistance; maintenance is also very convenient.

Development Purpose of Clirik Cement Ball Mill

Because of the particularity of the cement production industry, the cement production equipment used in this industry also has its particularity, so Clirik took advantage of the situation. We developed a new type of cement ball mill for the cement production line that is regarded as a highly polluting industry. High levels of automation, etc., have many advantages.

In the beneficiation industry, the development objective of environmental protection will be throughout. We are also committed to producing environmentally friendly and energy-saving beneficiation grinding equipment, crushing equipment, drying equipment, sintering equipment, etc. for our customers. Welcome customers from home and abroad to visit our factory , Investigation!

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