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In the process of beneficiation, grinding and grading, the operation of the ball mill is very important, and there are many factors involved, including: ball mill grinding method, feeding speed, medium addition system, mill speed, grinding concentration, etc., and formulate a reasonable The operating system improves the operating level of the ball mill operators and adjusts the changed ball mill grinding operation parameters in time, which is an important guarantee for obtaining good ball mill grinding and beneficiation indicators.

Today, the editor of Clirik, in order to let customers better understand and use the ball mill, we will introduce the precautions of the ball mill from the following three aspects:

1. Ball mill feeding speed: After the working parameters of the ball mill feeding the miner are adjusted, the feeding amount of the ore grinding machine should be kept constant or changed within a very narrow range. In this case, the wet ball mill is mostly used for control Water quantity to ensure proper concentration and fineness of ore grinding for ball mill. The feed of the ball mill must be uniform. With the increase of ore feeding speed, the content of qualified particle fractions in the discharge of the ball mill is reduced, while the absolute number of qualified particle fractions produced by the ball mill is increasing, the power consumption is reduced, and the grinding efficiency of the ball mill is significantly improved. When the nature of the ore changes, the working conditions of the ball mill should be adjusted in time to establish a balance.

2. Then there is the slurry concentration of the ball mill: a suitable ball mill grinding concentration should not only make the solid materials evenly move along the surface of the grinding medium, but also facilitate the flow of materials from the feed end to the discharge end of the ball mill. If the slurry is too thick, the viscosity will increase, and the grinding medium will be affected by buoyancy. The effective density of the ball mill will decrease and the impact will be weakened. Even the steel balls of the ball mill will be taken out of the ball mill or block the grid plate of the ball mill, and the production efficiency of the ball mill will drop sharply. . When the pulp is thin, the fine-grained ore sinks if an overflow ball mill is used. At this time, the product will become finer, and it is easy to be smashed. Generally, when the feed size is large and the circulating load is high, the grinding concentration of the ball mill should be close to 80%. When the raw ore contains more sludge, it is necessary to use Low grinding concentration, so that the slurry concentration is generally about 70%. When the raw ore of the ball mill contains more mud, the viscosity and concentration of the slurry will increase. In order to improve the fluidity and stability of the slurry, dispersant and coagulant can be appropriately added without affecting the beneficiation operation of the ball mill.

3. The speed of the ball mill: the current manufacturer’s speed is roughly 75%, most of which are below 85%. The speed of the ball mill is slightly lower, and it is difficult to achieve high productivity. The experience of some concentrators in China shows that the speed of the ball mill should be increased appropriately , The output of its ball mill has increased to a certain extent, but the increase is small, and the consumption of energy and liner is very serious, and the vibration of the ball mill is also aggravated. Therefore, if you want to control the ball mill, you must start from these three aspects to achieve better and more ideal work efficiency.

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