How much is a set of steel slag ball mill


In the steel-making process, a large amount of steel slag will be produced, and the steel slag ball mill is the main equipment for grinding and processing. Its appearance not only solves the problem of steel-making enterprises dealing with these solid wastes, but also brings considerable benefits to the enterprise The income is a good project for waste recycling. How much is a set of steel slag ball mill, is there any production video? Let’s take a look.

What is a set of equipment for steel slag ball mill?

From a large piece of steel slag to steel slag powder, one piece of equipment is not feasible. It needs a complete production line to complete. It needs a jaw crusher for crushing, a ball mill for grinding, a magnetic separator for powder selection, and a sieving machine Wait, let’s focus on the steel slag ball mill. Steel slag ball mill is responsible for the grinding and particle size control of materials in the steel slag processing production line. It is divided into dry and wet types, and steel balls with a diameter of 50-100mm are commonly used as grinding media.

Clirik steel slag ball mill has outstanding advantages in actual production

1. Energy saving: During the grinding process, the grinding media is in line contact with the ore, so it has a certain selective grinding effect, which is more than 41% energy-saving than the previous old equipment and can reduce costs.

2. Efficient: The particle size of the steel slag ball mill is more uniform and the output is higher.

3. Convenience: Built-in fineness control device, the particle size of the discharge can be changed through simple adjustment, and a screening device can also be added during discharge to ensure that neither over-grinding nor unqualified products are mixed into the finished product.

4. Durability: The cylinder adopts special welding process and ultrasonic flaw detection, which has longer service life and more durable.

How much does a steel slag ball mill cost?

The market price of the steel slag ball mill is between 200,000 and 1.8 million. The price of equipment of different models and different manufacturers is relatively large. This price range does not have much reference value. It is not helpful for your investment analysis. If you have a steel slag ball mill For demand, you can directly contact the customer service of the manufacturer. Professionals will configure the model for you according to your needs, and with a more accurate quotation, you can also go directly to the factory to inspect the test machine, you can make a deeper understanding of the manufacturer’s equipment quality and price Compared.

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