How to do the dust removal work of the ball mill?

As a key equipment in the grinding operation, the ball mill is also an indispensable grinding process in the beneficiation production line. The generation of dust is also a very big problem in its operation. In response to this problem, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. gave a solution.

Equipping the ball mill with dust removal equipment is very necessary and an effective method. Dust not only affects the working environment of the ball mill, but also endangers the health of the operator. The dust removal operation is the last process of the ball mill to complete the grinding operation, and its effect will also directly affect the overall effect of this grinding operation.

It is understood that the traditional ball mill equipment is equipped with a first-level dust removal device, and its dust removal effect can only reach about 60%. From the perspective of environmental protection, such a dust removal effect cannot satisfy enterprises.

With the gradual enhancement of people’s environmental awareness, the dust removal effect has also attracted more and more attention from enterprises. Therefore, it is imperative to improve the dust removal effect of the ball mill and equip the ball mill equipment with secondary dust removal.

Which type of dust collector will be better? After many research tests, Red Star Machine decided to use cyclone dust collector as the first-level dust removal device, and water dust removal as the second-level dust removal device. After this measure was used, the effect was immediate, and the dust removal effect of the ball mill equipment increased from the traditional 60% to about 94%.

After adopting two-stage dust removal, the ball mill continuously recovers a large amount of dust materials, which improves the working environment of the equipment and reduces the dust handling. However, when the ball mill adopts two-stage dust removal, there are still some precautions that Shanghai Clirik experts need to remind everyone to pay attention to.

First, the flash valve at the lower part of the ash hopper of the group cyclone dust collector should be well sealed to ensure that no air leakage occurs, otherwise, this will have a great impact on the efficiency of dust removal.

Second, we should adopt thermal insulation measures for the group cyclone dust collector, so as not to produce condensate inside the dust collector and affect the dust removal effect of the equipment.

Equipping the ball mill with secondary dust removal equipment is not only to solve the equipment operating environment, but also to improve the company’s production efficiency and the company’s better tomorrow. of.

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