How to use energy-saving ball mill correctly?

Energy-saving ball mill is a kind of ball mill. During use, the energy-saving ball mill is highly efficient and energy-saving and can meet the requirements. This is based on the premise of correct use. In order to help users be proficient in operating energy-saving ball mills as soon as possible, Clirik tells you how to use energy-saving ball mills properly?
1. The installation of the machine is very important. It determines that the entire machine runs in a stable environment. The energy-saving ball mill needs to be installed on solid concrete to ensure the stability of the equipment.
2. Check the body and motor before using the equipment, including: the lubricity of the lubrication points, the tightening of bolts, the transmission device, the protective device, and the circuit instrument.

3. After normal operation of the energy-saving ball mill, strictly control the feed, water and steel balls. The machine must be stopped during operation. The so-called “combination of work and rest”. Also pay attention to the temperature of the equipment, it should not be too high.
4. In case of emergency, you need to stop the power supply immediately and stop feeding the mine. Attention must also be paid to the cleanliness and hygiene of the equipment and civilized production.
No matter what kind of equipment you need to check regularly and maintain regularly, “early detection and early treatment” is also suitable for industrial production, so as to reduce the occurrence of failures, increase equipment life, reduce losses, and increase benefits.

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