Iron Ore Ball Mill model and price

The application range of ferrous metal is in all fields, and even in all aspects of our lives. Iron is a large amount and high consumption of all metals, accounting for almost 95% of all metals. Refining iron from iron ore has to go through many stages, from the initial mining, crushing and grinding, to beneficiation and smelting. This is how our common iron is refined step by step. In this process, iron ore ball mill is an indispensable device and can be said to have contributed. So do you know the model and price of iron ore ball mill? Here is a brief introduction by Clirik.

Iron ore Ball Mill model

Do you know what models of iron ore ball mills? In recent years, energy-saving ball mills have been widely used in iron ore grinding operations due to their large production capacity and resource saving. Compared with ordinary ball mills, energy-saving ball mills use large double-row spherical roller bearings instead of sliding bearings. It is greatly reduced, and the start-up is smoother, which can save energy about 20 ~ 30%. The energy-saving ball mill has been affirmed by many iron ore dressing plants. It has the characteristics of energy saving, large production capacity, convenient installation and reliable operation.

Iron ore Ball Mill price

Price may be a problem that you are more concerned about when choosing iron ore ball mill. Clirik reminds you not to excessively pursue low prices and ignore the quality of the product itself! For iron ore ball mills produced by some small factories, there may be technical problems, data deviations, and other problems, which are not good for your later beneficiation operations, so it is recommended that you choose an iron ore ball mill manufacturer with strong strength and high cost performance. Clirik specializes in the research and development and production of beneficiation equipment. It makes great efforts in the research and development of energy-saving ball mills. The production equipment has good energy saving and is not expensive. The small ball mill with a diameter of about 1 meter only costs tens of thousands of yuan. The price will be slightly higher, if you have any demand, please call us at 0086-13917147829.

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