Price of 350 ton Ball Mill per day

Those who know the ball mill know that the basic basis of the processing capacity is the model. Each type of ball mill is marked with the range of the processing capacity in the technical parameter table given by the manufacturer. However, in addition to the equipment model, the size of the processing capacity is also related to the hardness of the ore. Mineral properties, grinding fineness, and other factors. Today, a friend inquired about the price of a ball mill that processes 350 tons of raw ore daily. Then we need to know more about the type of minerals and grinding fineness you need to process in order to give you the final price. Here Xiaobian recommends several ball mills with a daily processing capacity of 350 tons of raw ore according to the processing capacity listed in the technical parameter table.

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Recommended models

When the ball mill performs grinding operations, it can work for 8 to 10 hours per day. We calculate it based on ten hours of work per day. There are many types of ball mills that can handle 350 tons of raw ore per day. However, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the ball mill, here are mainly The following models are recommended for you: PCФ2400 × 4500; PCФ2400 × 8000; PCФ2700 × 3600; PCФ2700 × 4000.

When the hardness of the material is large, the grinding difficulty will increase, and the throughput will decrease accordingly. If the hardness of the material is small, the ball mill can work normally according to the specified throughput and successfully complete the grinding task; the fineness of the grinding should be based on the selection The process is determined. When the fineness of grinding is required, the processing amount per unit time is relatively small. When the fineness of grinding is required, the processing amount is relatively large. In addition, the ball miller’s operation proficiency and experience are also It will affect the final processing capacity. When feeding the ball mill, it should be performed uniformly and continuously. This can make the equipment run more smoothly and the grinding efficiency is higher, thereby effectively increasing the equipment processing capacity.

Ball mill price range

Having said so much, maybe you are more concerned about the price of the equipment. For the four ball mills recommended above, they are medium-sized equipment with prices ranging from 100,000 to hundreds of thousands. As the size of the ball mill increases, its gears The size is also increasing. In order to ensure that the small gear and the large gear can properly mesh under full load running conditions, an online gear non-contact monitoring system has been developed. Three or more infrared thermometers are accurately installed on the gear cover observation door. To monitor tooth temperature changes caused by tooth surface contact pressure changes, and provide early warning of position deviation problems and lubrication problems. This high-tech ball mill has a reasonable quotation and excellent performance, which can improve the efficiency of plant selection.

The above is all about the price and model of the raw ore ball mill with a daily processing capacity of 350 tons. If you want to buy a ball mill with the same processing capacity, please contact us in addition to this article. Clirik has a number of mining machine experts who can Need to provide you with professional guidance to help you choose your equipment, and at the same time provide free installation and training of workers, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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