How much is the price of one ton for a small ball mill?


Everyone’s common ball mills are relatively common large-scale equipment in the beneficiation production line, with an output of several tons to hundreds of tons, so that it is not easy to find a small ball mill. Recently, many users have consulted small ball mills. Today we will introduce the model and price of one-ton ball mills.

One-ton model and detailed parameters of small ball mill

The small ball mill with a production capacity of 1 ton is generally used in small-scale mineral grinding, or some small laboratories, ceramic studios, and some precision materials have a wide range of uses. It is divided into steel ball mill and ceramic ball mill. The overall output of the ceramic ball mill is relatively small, and the models 600×700, 800×600, 900×1200 can be satisfied; the model of the one-ton small steel ball mill is Ф900×1800, the barrel speed is 36-38r/min, The ball volume is 1.5t, the feeding particle size is ≤20mm, the discharging particle size is 0.075-0.89mm, the output is 0.65-2t/h, the motor power is 18.5kw, and the total weight is 5.85t.

How much is the price of one ton for a small ball mill?

Under normal circumstances, the price of a ton of small ball mills is about 10,000 to 50,000, but there are also some manufacturers on the market that offer very low prices. This requires everyone to polish their eyes to avoid buying a second mobile phone or inferior equipment. There will be various problems in the use of the equipment, and after-sales is not guaranteed, it is really worth the loss. Therefore, after we understand the quotation of the equipment, we can compare several manufacturers and go to the factory site for field inspection. The quality of the equipment is clear at a glance.

Recommended by environmental protection and low price small ball mill manufacturers

As far as the domestic ball mill market is concerned, insiders choose the ball mill mainly to see whether its environmental protection meets the standard and how the energy consumption is. If the environmental protection is not up to the standard, the equipment cannot be operated, and the energy consumption is too high. The cost of later use is also higher. For small ball mills that are environmentally friendly and inexpensive, Clirik is recommended for you. Clirik has been specializing in the production of mining machines for 40 years. It has long-term supply of various types of large, medium and small ball mills. It not only has advanced performance, environmental protection standards, but also affordable prices, although the price is not It is cheaper in the market, but the price is fair and transparent, and the price is high, which is affirmed by many users.

Each machine of Clirik is made by careful design and precision casting. The raw materials use fine plates of national standards, which have a long life and are more wear-resistant; the internal use of high-endurance and energy-saving brand motors can save users a lot of operation in the later period. Cost, and the body itself has good sealing performance, low noise and vibration, and the sewage generated during operation can also be recycled through process design, which effectively guarantees the interests of users.

On the basis of ensuring the quality of equipment, Clirik adopts strict process management to reduce the intermediate circulation link, the advantages of large-volume procurement, and also makes the purchase price of raw materials lower, which can give users greater concessions. Users are welcome to consult the details of the equipment at any time for free , Can also visit the factory to inspect the equipment!

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