PLC+green+energy saving, no one likes this ball mill


The ball mill, as an important equipment of the beneficiation and grinding powder production line, is also a large-scale heavy industry equipment, which is of great value. For customers, they also want to choose a good ball mill for their own grinding production line, but the modern beneficiation industry Development, what ball mill should we choose? Clirik feels that such a ball mill can: good quality, automation, green production, and energy saving. With these advantages, your ball mill can be produced in the current beneficiation production line without hindrance.

However, the problem is coming? Where can we find such a ball mill? The customer said: Although there are many ball mills on the market, it is really difficult to find a good one.

Who doesn’t love such a ball mill?

Don’t panic, Clirik is here. Our ball mill has been developed for decades and has been used in multiple milling production lines. It has been favored by many customers in the mainland and abroad, because our ball mill has PLC+green+energy saving, supplemented by quality , Service, who doesn’t love such a ball mill?

The needs of ball mill customers are different, and the ball mills customized by Clirik for customers are also different. Over the years, our ball mill models, specifications and types are diverse, in order to meet the different needs of customers. Only in this way can each of our ball mills be adapted to the customer’s production line, and one-on-one service, Clirik does well.

PLC+green+energy saving, Clirik ball mill customers love it

Shandong customers comment on our ball mill

I have been using Clirik’s ball mill in my production line for more than 5 years. In the past few years, I have made a lot of annual profits for my sand production line. The energy saving effect is good. The important thing is that the environmental impact assessment meets the standards. The color is good, it is liked by many customers, and the sales volume is also good.

Peruvian customers comment on our beneficiation ball mill

The translation is this: Clirik’s ball mill is very good. In our copper beneficiation production line, it has achieved good results in energy saving and green production, and it is controlled by PLC automation, which is not yet in our region. PLC, green, energy saving, these are the rods made by Clirik’s ball mill. If my production line continues to expand, I will continue to cooperate with it to realize the development of the production line.

Ball mill of “Indonesia Mining Exhibition 2019”

At the exhibition of mineral processing equipment, a local customer listened to the introduction of our foreign trade personnel and looked at the prototype. If it says: PLC+green+energy saving, there are fewer ball mills with such performance in the mainland. Look at the prototype and listen again. Listening to the introduction, I think your Clirik ball milling equipment is good. Leave a business card, I have time to visit and check, and then buy the machine. After a lapse of half a year, the customer purchased three Clirik overflow ball mills for their own beneficiation production line.

Whether it is a prototype of the exhibition, or a picture of the equipment, or the equipment, services, installation, etc. that the real customer needs, we Clirik is meticulous and meticulous.

Small things do fine, big things do, Clirik faces the customer’s needs, strives to do a good job of quality, good service, such ball mill and ball mill manufacturers, customers are true love.

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