The price and working principle of small ball mill

The small ball mill refers to the machine with an output of less than 100 tons at a time. The price is relatively low, and the customer has more choices. This article introduces the price and working principle of the small ball mill.

Structure and working principle of small ball mill

The small ball mill belongs to a two-cylinder lattice type ball mill machine, which is a horizontal cylindrical rotating device. Its structure is composed of a feeding device, a discharging device, a grinding device, a transmission device, and each part is divided into many parts.

Its working principle is: the material enters the first silo of the mill evenly through the feeding device through the feeding hollow shaft. The lining plate in the silo is equipped with steel balls of different specifications. When the cylinder rotates, the steel ball rotates. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material is impacted, so as to achieve the effect of grinding. The first silo mainly achieves the effect of rough grinding, and then the material is further ground to the required fineness by the steel balls in the flat lining plate of the second silo, which can be adjusted between 18-200 mesh, and finally the finished powder passes through the discharge grate The board is discharged.

What are the advantages in the operation of small ball mills?

1. High product fineness and high grinding efficiency

2. Easy maintenance and long service life

3. Cost savings

4. Worry about environmental protection

How much does the small ball mill machine cost?

Nowadays, China’s powder processing industry has become more and more mature, and the powder processing equipment industry is also developing rapidly. There are not many manufacturers producing small ball mills. The equipment performance and quality of each manufacturer are different, and the price difference is also very large. If you want to buy a small ball mill with high cost performance, I recommend you to take a look at Clirik.

The price of Clirik small ball mill is between 100,000 and 800,000. Compared with the equipment of the same quality in the market, Clirik is regarded as a high-quality equipment with high quality and reasonable price. Users are welcome to visit the factory at any time!

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