You must have the necessary homework to buy a small limestone ball mill

Many customers often go to the merchant to listen to the introduction of others before purchasing the limestone ball mill, and then buy it when they feel good. After buying it back, the performance, production capacity, and processing methods of the equipment are not suitable for their production situation. In fact, they are buying this For large machinery, we need to do our homework in advance so that the equipment we buy is not satisfactory. What kind of homework do we need to do before this? Let’s take a look next!

Homework 1. First understand the characteristics of production materials

The main component of limestone is calcium oxide. It is a product with high calcium carbonate content such as limestone, dolomite, chalk, and shells. It is calcined at 900~1100℃. Lime is an inorganic cementitious material. It is used in civil engineering and medicine. Applications are relatively extensive.

Homework 2. Application of Limestone Ball Mill

Limestone ball mill is a limestone grinding equipment that is strengthened and improved on the basis of ordinary ball mills. In addition to grinding limestone, it can also be produced in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, ferrous nonferrous metal beneficiation and glass ceramics. It is used by the industry for dry or wet grinding of various ores and grindable materials.

Homework 3. Production capacity of small limestone ball mill

Common small limestone ball mills on the market are 900*1800 ball mills, 900*3000 ball mills, 1200*2400 ball mills, 1200*3000 ball mills, 1200*4500 ball mills, and their production capacities are 0.65-2t, 1.1-3.5t, 1.5- 4.8t, 1.6-5t, 1.6-5.8t, according to the production capacity of these lime ball mill models, you can choose the model that suits your production needs, and you will not be at a loss.

Homework 4. Structure of small limestone ball mill

1. If the rolling bearing is selected instead of the sliding bearing, the friction force can be greatly reduced, and the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction can be achieved.

2. The taper design at the discharge end can increase the volume, increase the effect of repeated grinding, and further improve the fineness of the material.

3. Choose an integral frame, which is convenient for civil construction and equipment installation.

Homework 5. Investigation of buying businesses

Choosing the right buyer is a very important homework, and it must be done. Because choosing the right manufacturer is equivalent to guaranteeing the quality of the equipment and the future benefits of the company are guaranteed, so here are many aspects when you choose to buy a manufacturer Inspection, for example, the city where the manufacturer is located, marketing methods, brand influence, reputation evaluation, manufacturer services, etc., the limestone ball mill purchased in this way is cost-effective.

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