2136 lattice ball mill parameters and uses


The 2136 ball mill refers to a lattice ball mill with a barrel diameter of 2.1 meters and a barrel length of 3.6 meters. The lattice ball mill is suitable for rough grinding or one-stage grinding. Here is a brief introduction to this 2136 ball mill.

2136 Ball Mill Introduction

The total weight of the 2136 ball mill is up to 45833kg (45.8t). It is a medium-sized ball mill according to the model. The feed particle size to be ground cannot exceed 25mm. The powder particle size after grinding is in the range of 0.833-0.147mm. Specific parameters need Adjust according to the grinding requirements at the time. During normal operation, the barrel speed is 23.7r/min, the motor power is 180kw, the material can be ground 7.5-42t per unit hour, the processing capacity varies according to the grinding requirements, the lower the grinding requirements, the greater the processing capacity, the higher the grinding requirements. The smaller the amount.

2136 ball mill use

There are many performance advantages of 2136 ball mill, and because of these advantages, 2136 ball mill is widely used in various industries.

Mineral processing industry

The 2136 ball mill plays a large role in the beneficiation industry and can process a wide range of ores, including metal ores such as iron ore, copper ore, lead and zinc ore, and of course there are also non-metals such as fluorite ore, barite and graphite Mine, the 2136 grid ball mill produced by Clirik once solved the problem of grinding ore for customers in a project in Inner Mongolia.

Pharmaceutical industry

The elemental fluorine produced by the 2136 ball mill and selected fluorite concentrate can be used to produce fluorine-containing organic compounds with other organic compounds. It is used to make fluorine-containing medicines. It is used in medicine to fight cancer. Pine, fluorocarbon artificial blood, artificial heart, bones, etc.

Building materials

The fluorite concentrate produced by 2136 ball mill beneficiation can be used to produce glass, ceramics, cement and other building materials.

Metallurgical Industry

Fluorite ore powder can reduce the melting point of refractory materials, promote the flow of slag, and effectively separate the slag and metal. The fluorite ore powder ground by the 2136 ball mill can be added to the smelting furnace for dehydrogenation, desulfurization, and enhanced metal forgeability. And tensile strength.

The above is an introduction to the parameters and uses of the 2136 ball mill. I believe you already have a good understanding of it. Clirik has more than 20 years of experience in the development and production of wet ball mills and energy-saving ball mills. The products are exported to more than 90 countries and regions around the world. If you are interested in our products, please call the service hotline to contact us.

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