Advantages of oval grinding media for ball mills


The ball mill is suitable for the fine crushing and grinding of various ores and other materials, and is widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industries. There are many kinds of grinding media in the beneficiation process of the ball mill, and there are many differences in shape, size and material.

Clirik’s professional technicians have observed and summarized the working conditions of various shapes of media for a long time, and concluded that elliptic media has advantages over spherical and other media, and can improve the working efficiency of the ball mill. The advantages of ellipse and circle are detailed below:

1. Under the same diameter, the elliptical medium has a heavier weight, which makes its impact strength and crushing ability significantly improved.

2. Linear contacts are used to replace point contacts between spheres between elliptical media. It has a positive effect on the selective crushing and screening of materials and helps to improve product quality.

3. The elliptical medium enhances the contact area between the steel ball of the ball mill and the material, improves its grinding ability, and helps improve work efficiency.

4. There is linear contact between the elliptical medium and the mill liner, which is more advantageous than the point contact of the spherical medium, which effectively reduces the impact of the steel ball medium on the liner, reduces its wear on the liner, and extends the machine Service life.

5. In addition, compared with the circular shape, the elliptical medium also has antistatic and anti-humidity effects, which can reduce its adsorption of dust and reduce the phenomenon of froth.

In summary, compared with the spherical shape, the elliptical medium not only improves the working efficiency of the ball mill, but also reduces the wear on the machine, which is a more reasonable medium shape for the ball mill.

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