30 ton ball mill size / price / technical parameters

The 30-ton ball mill actually refers to a 30-ton ball mill. This output can meet the needs of small and medium-sized mills. If you are choosing a 30-ton ball mill, what do you want to know? Xiaobian guesses, you should focus on size and price. Right? Here are a few for you.

Recommend several 30 ton ball mills

It can reach 30 tons of ball mills per hour. There are still a lot of models produced by Clirik. Here are three models for you: Ф2400 × 4500, Ф2400 × 8000, Ф2700 × 3600, which are all small and medium-sized ball mills. They are very transported and installed Easy.

30 ton ball mill size and technical parameters

When you choose a ball mill, you should pay more attention to the size. Especially for some compact plants, the ball mill position will be reserved in the initial stage of the mill design, and the size requirements are relatively high, exceeding the area. It may not be able to put it down, so you can contact our online customer service, we will provide you with the size, and create the grinding equipment for your exclusive production line.

30 ton ball mill price

Regarding the price of the 30-ton ball mill, there are various opinions on the Internet. Xiaobian selected a few netizens’ responses:

Reply 1. Generally speaking, the beneficiation ball mills with such reserves range from about one million to several million, and the prices of beneficiation ball mills produced by different manufacturers are not the same. In addition, the processing capacity of 30 tons also has to confirm what kind of ore you are processing, and how much the grinding size must be before you can choose the model and then give you a quote.

The reply is that the processing capacity of 2,30 tons is medium. It is enough to choose a ball mill with a diameter of about 3600mm.

Reply 3, the price of wet milling dressing ball mill and dry milling equipment is not the same. You need to confirm whether your grinding is wet or dry.

When asking the manufacturer for the price, you need to tell the other party whether you want to dry or wet. If you know the model, tell the model. If you don’t know the model, tell the processing capacity or equipment size. It is convenient to recommend suitable equipment for you. In addition, the price of the 30t ball mill is affected by multiple factors such as production costs, process costs, labor costs, parts costs, and market prices. So we cannot give you an accurate quote here. If you want to know the price of 30 ton ball mill, please click the blue button below to contact online customer service, or call the service hotline.

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