How much is a Mine Ball Mill? How cost-effective?

The function of the mine ball mill is to further grind the crushed ore after the ore is crushed, so that the particle size of the mineral can meet the requirements of selection. The price of mine ball mills has always attracted attention from each other. In addition, because ball mills are large consumers of energy, energy-saving mine ball mills have become the mainstream products of mining. So as a professional manufacturer of beneficiation equipment, how much is the mining ball mill produced by Clirik? How about the cost performance? Xiaobian will tell you here.

Mine ball mill price

The price distribution of mine ball mills is directly related to the size. The larger the size of the mine ball mill, the higher the price. Each ball mill will have a larger price due to the differences in the size of the lining board and the motor.

Clirik ball mill cost-effective

The above introduces the price of mine ball mills, which can be said to be a very cost-effective device. Of course, we say that the larger the model, the more expensive it is. Due to the trade secrets involved, we cannot list the prices of all the equipment for you. You can first understand the advantages of the Clirik ball mill. If it is indeed the product you need, please call or inquire online!

1. Energy saving: The Clirik ball mill uses rolling bearings instead of sliding bearings, thereby reducing the friction between the bearings during the operation of the ball mill. After a series of industrial tests, this design can save about 25% of energy;

2. Reasonable matching of liners: According to different models, we have equipped some models of mine ball mills with special corrugated liners and oil mist lubrication devices to reduce the energy consumption of the equipment to a certain extent;

3. The counter-spiral blades are installed on the overflow type mine ball mill: the counter-spiral blades return the unground fine slurry and steel balls overflowed into the cylinder, so that the milling operation is performed correctly and orderly;

4. Overall frame structure: The small and medium-sized mine ball mill is equipped with the overall frame structure, which makes the installation and maintenance of the equipment very convenient;

5. High operation rate: The operation rate of the processing process is also very high, and has been well received by customers at home and abroad.

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