Eight factors affecting ball mill output

We know that the beneficiation stage is mainly divided into three stages: pre-dressing, beneficiation and post-dressing, and grinding is in the pre-dressing stage, so the output of the Ball mill has a certain degree of impact on the effect of mineral separation, even on the recovery rate and concentrate grade. Therefore, how to ensure the output of the ball mill has become a topic of great concern, so what are the reasons that affect the output of the ball mill? Here Clirik editor lists eight factors for you, of course, this is a complex issue, any small details may affect To the final output of the ball mill, here are just the main factors listed for reference only!

1.The Ball mill design is unreasonable

If the length ratio design is unreasonable, it is very likely that the coarse and fine grinding ratios of the ball mill will be unbalanced, which will cause the product to appear too thick or too thin, which will affect the output of the ball mill.

Solution: Choose a ball mill equipment produced by a regular manufacturer. It is best to have a ball mill manufacturer with a design and R & D team. Do not buy equipment produced by small manufacturers or small workshops without production qualification to avoid affecting output.

2.The Ball mill has poor ventilation

Under normal operating conditions of the ball mill, due to repeated impact and friction of the medium in the cylinder, the temperature inside the mill continues to rise, resulting in water vapor generated by the water-containing materials. If the ball mill is not well ventilated, water vapor cannot be discharged in time, and water vapor will adhere to Ball mill linings and steel balls can cause sticking or grinding.

Solution: Control the ventilation of the ball mill, and the passing effect in the ball mill is good, which can not only bring out qualified fine materials in time, but also effectively reduce the over-pulverization phenomenon and reduce the temperature of the ball mill.

3. Ball mill feed is unreasonable

During the operation of the ball mill, if the feed is too small, the media will be wasted; if the ball mill is fed too much, the ball mill’s grinding capacity will be insufficient, resulting in saturation.

Solution: Need to feed in strict accordance with feed standards

4.The particle size of the Ball mill is too large

The ball mill has a large particle size, which can easily cause unreasonable crushing.

Solution: Under normal circumstances, the particle size of the ball mill is generally controlled below 20mm. For large ball mills, the particle size of the mill can be adjusted to 25 ~ 30mm due to its strong crushing capacity.

5.The moisture content of the Ball mill is too large

When the water content of the ball mill‘s grinding material is large, the grinding body and the liner will adhere, causing paste grinding, blocking the stern plate, and causing full grinding.

Solution: Reasonably control the moisture content in the mill, and adjust the moisture content according to the nature of different materials.

6. Ball mill steel ball grading is unreasonable

The ball grading of the ball mill is to achieve the impact and grinding of different particle sizes to improve the milling efficiency.

Solution: Calculate the steel ball gradation scientifically and reasonably.

7.The temperature of the Ball mill‘s feed material is too high

When the temperature of the ball mills raw materials is too high, it is easy to reduce the milling efficiency and cause adhesion.

Solution: In order to reduce the temperature in the mill and improve the milling efficiency, a small amount of mist-like water can be sprayed into the milling chamber to reduce the temperature in the mill to below 50 ° C.

8. Irrational dosage

Ball mill grinding aids need to be added in accordance with national standards. In the general cement production process, the amount of grinding aids must not exceed 1%. For other materials, the grinding aids can be queried through national standards.

The above eight aspects are the main reasons that affect the output of the ball mill. In order to allow the ball mill to better serve us and grind qualified products to ensure that the output does not decrease, we should pay more attention to the above eight factors during use. Daily maintenance and maintenance will also greatly affect the output of the ball mill, which is also a noteworthy aspect.

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