How to save raw materials during operation of energy-saving ball mill


As a large-scale mineral processing equipment, the energy-saving ball mill has excellent production performance and high production efficiency. Because of its excellent performance and wide application, it is welcomed by the majority of users. When the equipment is running, how to save raw materials for users without affecting the production efficiency. The issue of greater economic benefits is concerned by manufacturers and users at the same time. The following Deen Machinery will explain to you how energy-saving ball mills save raw materials during operation.

Energy-saving ball mill

Control of feed size

In the case of certain feed hardness and other properties, if the feed material of the energy-saving ball mill is crushed in the previous production and crushing process, the finer and uniform the particle size is, the more efficient the equipment will work, the faster the grinding speed, and the The fewer materials are returned, which saves raw materials.

The speed is controlled within a certain range

On the one hand, the rotation speed affects the production process of the energy-saving ball mill, and on the other hand, the grinding situation of the ore is also different. Generally, the rotation speed is controlled between 5%-85%. If the rotation speed is too high, the equipment will be worn, and the rotation speed is too low, and the grinding effect cannot be achieved. Therefore, the rotation speed should be controlled within a certain range to facilitate the effective use of raw materials.

Continuous and uniform feeding

The continuous feeding allows the energy-saving ball mill to operate continuously and regularly, saving energy and low consumption; the uniform feeding is conducive to the maximum efficient operation of the equipment, and it is not necessary to feed too much or too little, which is not only detrimental to the saving of raw materials, but also It will increase the failure rate of the equipment.

Of course, these are all from the energy-saving ball mill operation to reduce the waste of raw materials, and manufacturers can also improve the internal structure of the equipment on a certain basis to save raw materials.

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