Is it difficult to buy a ball mill with adjustable particle size?


The ball mill has only one function and produces one kind of finished product. Will customers like this kind of ball mill or beneficiation powder production line like it? The answer is: no. With the development of the beneficiation industry and the development of industry requirements related to the beneficiation and grinding industry, single-function products are less and less popular, and the requirements of the various powder industry on the finished ore grinding products are so The same is true of the requirements for mineral processing equipment. Therefore, whether it is an enterprise supplying powder finished products or an enterprise supplying mineral processing equipment, they have been striving to produce diversified products to meet customer needs, and this is the case with Clirik.

Clirik ball mill equipment with adjustable particle size

There are many types of Clirik’s ball mill equipment. In order to meet the various needs of users, our ball mill equipment also has a variety of functions, such as adjustable particle size is one of them. The finished product of particle size does not need to use different equipment, it can be adjusted by adjusting the milling time. Is this more convenient?

How to produce products with multiple particle sizes and qualified quality? Clirik is here

1. Adjust the feed particle size and material properties.

2. Improve the grinding process to obtain qualified products.

3. Reasonably control the grinding time to obtain a finished product with better quality.

No matter what products we buy, we must make a careful choice, think about it, and find a responsible manufacturer. Only in this way, about the ball mill, can you understand the good function and performance, and the later use can be smooth and get good after-sales service.

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