New breakthrough in ball mill technology

New ball mill equipment from the point of view of the accessibility of raw materials, the double-cylinder ball mill raw material does not directly enter the grinding ball medium after passing through the hollow journal, so that when the cylinder rotates around the horizontal axis at a certain speed, the dish begins to further Sorting effect. The effect of this sorting is mainly to make large pieces of material fall into the crushing bin while small pieces of material enter the grinding bin through the conveying device. In this way, when their own gravity is greater than the centrifugal force, they will sputter or roll off from the inner wall of the cylinder, so that the impact force generated on the lining plate will be targeted for crushing according to the different needs of different chambers.

Through further optimization of the feedback device of the grinding chamber of the ball mill equipment, it can be seen that the necessary feedback information can be easily captured through the “electric ear” without further modification. It has played a certain auxiliary role in the sub-bin of the ball mill. The ball mill after the separation has been tested and can play a deterrent role in the consumption of ball mill consumables, such as steel balls and liners.

After statistical comparison, it can be found that the use of the crushing strength setting of the first silo can change the working conditions of the first silo and make the first silo have obvious advantages compared with the traditional crushing stage. The time interval for entering the second chamber for grinding can be shortened. In addition, after the separation of the warehouse, under the action of driving the motor, the new ball mill can play two different effects of beneficiation, one is the crushing effect, and the other is the grinding effect.

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