Reliable Ball Mill Manufacturer——Clirik

With the continuous progress of the beneficiation industry, more and more wet ball mill manufacturers are able to stand out from so many mining equipment enterprises, and they can be described as high-quality enterprises in the industry. Clirik’s ball mills are currently selling very well and have been well received by customers in the market. Next, I will introduce the advantages of Clirik’s ball mills and recommend reliable ball mill manufacturers.

Ball mill is currently the most important grinding equipment. When the steel bar rotates and rises along the cylinder wall, unlike the movement of the steel ball, fine particles can pass between the gaps of the steel bar, so the ball mill is conducive to crushing coarse particles Concentrated on the working area of ​​the grinding medium, that is, the ball mill has selective crushability, uniform particle size, and less over-pulverization.

Therefore, the ball mill has been vigorously promoted and used in various mining, coal, and construction departments. It has been used in rough grinding, cement clinker production, and quartz stone production in artificial stone sand, mineral processing plants, chemical plants, and power plants. It is widely used in open-grade grinding. Ball mills can be divided into overflow ball mills and peripheral ball mills according to different discharge methods. Mining equipment enterprises with reliable ball mill production are represented by Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd.

The reliable quality of the Clirik ball mill is reflected in all aspects. In the main bearing part, the diameter of the main shaft of the Clirik ball mill is smaller, which reduces the weight of the mill while reducing the friction torque, reducing the waste of power, simple operation, convenient repair and extended service life. In the transmission parts, the Clirik ball mill improves the bearing of the main bearing and reduces the twisting stress. The gear number and diameter are appropriately reduced, so the ball mill’s own load is greatly reduced. In the power section, the motor power has been reduced within the allowable range of normal operation, which greatly reduces the cost of electricity. In addition, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. has extensively absorbed advanced ball mill technology at home and abroad, and has vigorously reformed the ball mill. There are very few broken rods and disordered rods, which improves the work rate and ensures the normal processing of the ore processing plant. Clirik ball mill is a new type of ball mill with light weight, favorable price, low energy consumption, low noise, low steel consumption and high productivity.

As a professional mining equipment manufacturer, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. has always adhered to independent technological innovation and focused on beneficiation services for 20 years. The quality of various mining equipment produced is reliable and guaranteed. Clirik will continue to maintain technological advantages and strive to build a world-class high-tech industry.

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