The new Ball Mill energy consumption low

As the core equipment grinding operation, high-energy ball mill is a name, according to related statistics, the energy consumption of the grinding operation can be 40% to 50% of the total energy consumption of the processing plant, so, over the years, each manufacturers are on the ball mill energy saving issues continue to explore and research. Clirik also true, hard work pays off, the advent of the new ball instead of the traditional ball mill grinding become the new darling of the industry. Many advantages of the new mill, the core advantage is the low energy consumption, the energy consumption is only 70% of the traditional ball mill with the same specifications. Other benefits to you, please let small thin to have been.

Low energy consumption

New ball mill different from the conventional motor, the ball mill grinding is disposed dedicated motor, the starting current is lower than the other mill, mechanical energy and thermal energy consumption of the motor itself is relatively small. Further, the bearing ball made of new replacement, large roller bearing was replaced with a double row self-aligning plain bearing, efficiency of 20% to 30% over conventional ball mill. Thus, the advantages of the new mill is still very obvious.

High grinding efficiency

The new mill also has high grinding efficiency features, the device has increased the port of discharge to enable corrugated liner, the liner and the ball can be fully fit, to play a full ball and materials to enhance the role, but also to strengthen the abrasive action, reducing energy consumption. Production examples show that the new ball mill grinding efficiency is higher than the same specifications of the traditional ball mill for about 40%.

Longer consumable life

In the choice of backing, the new ball mill using a wear-resistant rubber lining, the lining nano technology developed, the degree of wear of the ordinary rubber is 128%, compared to the life of the other liner material, the rubber liner longer, more convenient replacement to solve the problem of ball mill liner replacement difficult. In the lubrication system, oil mist lubrication device, to enable the size of the apparatus ensures reliable gear lubrication, thereby extending the life of the small gears.

Above is a brief introduction of the new ball mill, of course, in addition to these aspects, there are many advantages of the new mill, I believe you used to be able to slowly find it a more advantages, the price depends on the specific device you want the model, if you are interested, you can call the hotline below or contact customer service for online inquiry.

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