What are the basis for the selection of the Ball Mill grinding process?

In recent years, with the continuous development of grinding technology, ball mill equipment is moving towards large-scale development. How to let the milling equipment exert its energy to achieve better grinding results has become a topic of great concern. This involves the ball mill. Selection of grinding process. At present, the grinding processes commonly used in ore dressing plants can be divided into two categories, namely conventional grinding processes and self-grinding processes. So what are the basis for the selection of the grinding process?

Multi-program comparison and determination of ball mill grinding process

In order to obtain good technical and economic effects of large-scale beneficiation plants, the grinding process can be determined through comparison of multiple schemes. If necessary, two or more stages of grinding processes may be used. When small-scale concentrators process fine-grained or coarse-grained unevenly embedded ore, sometimes from an economic point of view, a simple one-stage milling process is often used to simplify operations and management, thereby reducing infrastructure investment and production costs.

Therefore, the selection of the grinding process of the ball mill is not taken for granted, but should be combined with the above multiple selection basis. After multiple considerations, the grinding process is finally determined. There are many factors affecting the grinding process, and they are related to each other and the relationship is complicated. At present, the capital investment and production cost of each process are mainly compared based on semi-industrial or industrial tests conducted at the beneficiation plant. Finally, the appropriate grinding process can be selected and the expected results can be obtained.

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