Today, there are steel slag ball mills, take a look!


The ball mill, which started the test run on the customer’s production line, is also the second big test for it. How about the test? Customers are required to rate. As a kind of important milling equipment for the beneficiation production line, how to score? Is it through device health? product quality? Service situation? …How effective the ball mill is. In fact, it should be seen on either side. On the one hand, if there is a problem, it means that it is unqualified. How to choose a ball mill that suits you, Clirik will introduce you a handy and suitable ball mill.

The college entrance examination is an important moment in life for many people. If you start the exam today, you will know what you are capable of. Today, not only are the students, but also our Clirik ball mill. In the afternoon, our ball mill will start trial operation in the steel slag processing production line in Russian. The trial production will be conducted. How effective and how is the operation? It is also a test for us Clirik.

Introduction to the steel slag ball mill

The steel slag ball mill is Clirik’s improvement of the ball mill in order to meet the needs of the steel slag customers. The steel balls in the barrel are changed into steel rods, so as to better adapt to the performance of the steel slag with high hardness and large particle size. Clirik’s steel slag ball mills have various models and types, which can withstand the test of customers. So how effective is the steel slag ball mill to be tested? let us wait and see.

Status of Russian steel slag processing production line

Equipment operating location: Russia

Purpose: To make steel slag into different sizes of steel slag powder

How about the Clirik steel slag ball mill when the trial operation starts?

How effective is the steel slag ball mill? As soon as I tried it, at noon, the customer prepared the EIA test machine, the power consumption test machine, and the power supply, etc., and they were ready to start the test machine.

1. Add materials. At one o’clock in the afternoon, although the weather was hot, we could not stop the excitement of our test machine, so we began to transport the broken steel slag into the steel slag ball mill.

2. Grinding ore. In the whole grinding process, the cylinder body vibration is small, the whole machine runs stably, the noise is low, and no material splashes out from the inlet and outlet, the operation is smooth.

3. Discharge. Through the time setting of the steel slag ball mill by the customer, the finished product is discharged from the discharge port on time. The finished steel slag fine powder has good particle size, fine particle size and good purity. After measurement, the particle size basically meets the standard.

4. Calculated data. The calculation shows that whether it is EIA data, power consumption measurement, dust pollution index, etc. can meet the requirements of customers and meet the standards.

5. Shutdown. Clirik’s steel slag ball mill was shut down in order, the shutdown was stable, and no other conditions occurred.

Through the test machine, the customer said that the steel slag ball mill test machine was quite satisfied, and I believe it will bring greater benefits for myself, hoping to increase the profit of my production line through Clirik’s equipment and services.

Today’s test, Clirik’s steel slag ball mill is satisfied with the answer. In fact, our other beneficiation grinding, crushing, drying, sintering and other equipment will also give you a satisfactory answer. Believe us, choose us, you can achieve high production line Efficiency and profit.

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