Where is a ball mill that can make sand? What is the cost of a ton of ball milling mechanism sand?


High-quality sand is the support of various buildings. Previously, natural river sand was the main source of sand for construction. Many people felt that it was inexhaustible, but since last year, “the earth is almost empty of sand.” The news is overwhelming, and various regions have also implemented a “prohibition of mining” to restrict the exploitation of natural river sand. For a time, the market has a serious shortage of supply and demand for sand and gravel, and machine-made sand has also become the main force of construction sand.

If you want to make sand, you will need sand making machines. Commonly used sand making machines include impact sand making machines, counter-roll sand making machines, hammer sand making machines, fine crushers, etc., and ball mills have also been widely used in the past two years. In the sand making industry, the size of the sand produced by the ball mill can be controlled, the grain shape is full, and the finished product has good effect, which is loved by many users. Many people may not be familiar with ball milling sand. Today we will talk about the question “Where is a ball mill that can make sand? How much does a ton of ball milling sand cost?”!

Where is a ball mill that can make sand?

The general mining machine manufacturers all produce ball mills that can make sand, but there are many manufacturers, the quality is uneven, and the price varies, which also brings great trouble to the user’s purchase.

High-quality equipment is the basis for the production of high-quality sand, and the price of the equipment is also related to our investment and profit ratio. If you want to buy a cost-effective sand ball mill, you can search for reliable manufacturers online, and then go to Visited several factories to compare manufacturers’ strength, equipment quality, price, after-sales service, etc., and choose the right manufacturers and equipment.

If you want to buy cost-effective equipment, you must not miss Clirik. Clirik has been specializing in the production of mining machines for 40 years. The sand ball mills produced by the company have good quality, cheap prices, and lifetime after-sales, so that users can worry-free production. If you have production needs, please click free at any time advisory!

2. What are the models of sand ball mills? What are the advantages of sand making?
Ball mills are divided into many types, including ordinary ball mills, rod mills, ceramic ball mills, etc., and their output particle sizes are not the same. When making sand, generally choose the rod mill, its output is not as fine as the ball mill, powder There are few materials, which can produce various coarse sand, medium sand and fine sand within 0.5mm. So what are the advantages of ball milling sand compared to other sand making equipment?

Why do you prefer ball mills?

1. Wide range of application

Other sand-making equipment can only be dry-milled. The ball-milling mechanism can be used for dry grinding and wet grinding. If the user’s raw material has high humidity, it can be operated without drying, and the wet grinding has less dust and less pollution. In areas with stricter pollution requirements, it is more appropriate to use ball mill sand.

From the aspect of output, the choice of ball mill sand is wider, and the output is from 0.62t/h. For users with small output, the use of ball mill sand is more cost-effective.

2. Good product quality

The sand made by the ball mill has stronger adhesion, uniform and full grain size, sharp edges and corners, and better quality. Moreover, the ball mill mechanism sand machine adopts advanced controllable feeding and discharging technology, combined with the actual grinding materials, with different specifications and different ratios of grinding media for grinding. The linear contact of the grinding media can reduce the over-crushing of the materials and make the discharge particle size uniform. , Increased output, suitable for some industries with relatively high requirements for finished materials.

3. Good environmental protection effect

The ball mill utilizes the action of the grinding media on various ore materials to achieve sand making. The cylindrical structure has good sealing, less dust spillage, low working noise, low environmental impact, good environmental protection effect, and easy environmental protection, even if the environmental protection is strict Cha is not afraid.

What is the cost of a ton of ball mill mechanism sand?

Compared with the impact sand making machine, the ball milling mechanism sand has lower cost. Not only because the price of the ball mill is cheaper, but also in the later operation, the ball mill has low energy consumption, high output, and lower operating costs. How much does a ton of ball milling sand cost? According to feedback from old Clirik users, the cost of one ton of ball milling sand is between 10-28 yuan and one ton. Of course, the cost of sand making depends on the production line output, material hardness, local raw materials, artificial hydropower and other costs. I want to know more For the user’s site, you can contact the online customer service to get a visit to the nearest site.

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